About Us

Unrivalled safety and security.

Our sterling reputation is built on safeguarding people and assets in the face of adversity.

complex security and storage solutions

About Us

Introducing FFB.
Your ultimate partner for
complex security and storage solutions.

With our practical and intelligent support, we excel in asset protection and people management. Our highly trained operatives and qualified experts are ready to tackle diverse security challenges. Fully licensed and insured, we assure you peace of mind. Trust FFB to safeguard your interests today.

Protecting your valuable assets.
FFB sets itself apart from the competition with white glove delivery services and exceptional value-added services.

Security Services

Experience unrivalled 
safety and security with FFB

Our sterling reputation is built on safeguarding people and assets in the face of adversity. Expect absolute discretion and a robust security solution that mitigates risks to individuals, projects, and events. Our clients count on us to protect esteemed organisations like Barclays, M&C Saatchi, the Premier League, and the British Embassy. Whether it’s event security or asset protection, trust FFB to ensure people’s and physical assets’ safety.

Asset Protection & Logistics

Experience worry-free asset transportation with FFB’s logistics and asset protection service. Our comprehensive security plan ensures the safe transit of your private or corporate valuables from A to B.

Whether single items or entire portfolios, we assess risks, handle customs documentation, and manage transport logistics. Our expert security operatives provide escort and guarding services worldwide. Trust our premium asset courier service, from high-value cars to precious goods and sensitive documents. For artworks, antiques, and investment pieces, our white glove service offers discreet security and logistics for multiple exhibitions. Even prestigious trophies have travelled securely, captivating audiences at national and international events.

Secure Storage

Unlock the power of
secure warehousing with FFB.

Our expansive facility boasts an impressive 10,000sq/ft of storage space, providing ample room for your valuable products. With round-the-clock CCTV surveillance and a comprehensive security system, we prioritise protecting your investments. Trust FFB to safeguard your assets to enjoy peace of mind like never before.

Security Consultancy
and Risk Management

Maximise control over your
security with FFB’s expert
consultancy support.

Our comprehensive Risk Assessments cover venues, events, business trips, and asset transportation, ensuring proactive security measures. Our experienced team illuminates your security challenges, pinpointing strengths and weaknesses in existing arrangements. Don’t rely on hindsight—be prepared with a thorough understanding of potential threats and risks in advance. Rest easy knowing our trained operatives are ready to implement the necessary security measures for your event or business trip.

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Start protecting your business assets with our white-glove courier and high-security storage.

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